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Upcoming vacancy?
List online. Everything you need.

•, and more

• All the forms and documents you need

• Step by step process to securing the right tenant

• National Tenancy Database checks

• List online from only $139 per listing

• Edit anytime and tenant enquiries direct to you

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Next, let's get you organised so you can take control and manage your investment properties

RentingSmart is a simple-to-use online landlord platform keeping you in control, and your tenants accountable throughout the lease.

• Rent tracking

• Expense management

• EOFY tax reports

• Maintenance and repairs

• Leases, tenants and documentation

We built RentingSmart for landlords of all sizes

Have you just purchased your first rental property, or do you own buildings?
RentingSmart has helped more than 2,100 Australian private landlords of all sizes.
“Thanks Ben. You have changed my direction on being a landlord.” Malcolm, WA

Get paid on time each month (without needing to chase your tenants)

Be in control of the rent game and your tenants will pay on time. Understand who’s paid, what’s upcoming, who’s behind and how to recoup the funds.

• Rent schedule for you and your tenants

• Payments dashboard

• Automated invoices and receipts

• Reminder notices to tenants

• Be reminded about outstanding arrears (incl. what to do)

"RentingSmart gives me all the tools I need to manage my property myself without the need to involve an agent and at a fraction of the price. I love how easy the platform is to use, from set up, to invoicing and managing expenses for tax reporting, it's all there!
... It's independent property management made easy!"
Kristie Caddick, former CEO of

Tap leaking? Make it really simple for your tenants to notify you

We’ve built a super simple-to-use Android and iPhone App for your Tenants. No more excuses that they tried to get in touch.  Everything logged in one place.

• Tenants can easily notify you of any maintenance and repairs

• Find tradesmen

• Unedited history log (very important if you end up at the Tribunal)

• Know about leaking taps before you have a flooded bathroom

Get organised today – try for free

Remember, it's important to log all communication between you and your tenants

Be in control of the landlording game. While you obviously want to avoid going down the Tribunal route, always have your paperwork ready for the worst case scenario.

• Uneditable repairs and maintenance history logs

• Keeps you and tenants accountable

• Keep the Tribunals on your side

"Reduce your accountant's fees by being better prepared at EOFY"
Simon Gold, Chartered Accountant in Sydney

Never lose your receipts and keep track of every tax deductible expense

If you’re going to ready come tax time it’s important to be tracking each and every expense along the way. Really simply record your expenses as you go with RentingSmart.

• Be super organised

• Copies of all of your receipts

• Tax categories

• Reminders of upcoming expenses

• Track what and how you paid

...and then EOFY tax reports become incredibly simple.

Save time, money and make your accountant smile.

• Cash flow reports by date

• Cash flow reports by tax category

• Print off in PDF

• Easy to share with your accountant

• Many more reports coming soon

"RentingSmart is the best software and for Australian landlords"
Corina Bailey, 'Landlord Specialists'
Find Tenants

List online and then we’ll give you right advice to choose the best tenants.

Manage your Properties

Receive great results when you treat self managing like a business and not a hobby.

Happy Accountants

Simple cash flow reports. Better organised. Happier (and cheaper) accountants.

Avoid Disasters

Be in control and have systems in place to know about issues right away. Late rents, leaking toilets. Know what’s happening.

Cancel Anytime

No locked in contracts. Cancel anytime. No more to pay.

100% Cloud Based

Access your RentingSmart from anywhere in the world. Updates while you sleep.

Top Security

Your data is of absolute most importance to us. Data is encrypted and backed up every single night.

Mac, PC, Mobile or Tablet

Use any device to access your landlord software. Tablet, computer, mobile. If you can connect to the internet, you can access RentingSmart.

...and after the Free trial?

Annual plans will also receive premium support, and $50 off each listing on Realestate and Domain. (Normally $139 – $199).


All RentingSmart customers (monthly or annual) receive a 14-day free trial, all software features
(professional rent tracking, EOFY tax time, tenant apps, ledgers, maintenance, messaging, documents and so much more).


No credit card required for your free trial.


What is considered a ‘rental’? A single house, an apartment, a granny flat.
A building with 20 apartments with 20 separate leases and tenants paying
the rent would be considered 20 rentals. Any questions, just ask.


• Or is there a new feature you’d love to see? Shoot our founder Ben an email.

"Using RentingSmart has made a HUGE improvement!"
Ray Milidoni, Melbourne