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Example scenario

A unit rented for 2 years, on an initial 12 month lease.

The first year was for 50 weeks charged at $600 per week.

The second year was for 52 weeks charged at $615 per week.

Management fees were 7% + gst.

If there was a range of figures, I chose the lower amount
(e.g. marketing packages often range from $250 to $550).

Now check the comparison below against self-managing your own property using RentingSmart with Tenant Connect.

Item Managing Agent’s fees

Incl GST


Incl GST

Year 1 Year 2 Year 1 Year 2
Upfront yearly subscription fee $99 $99
Marketing package – initial letting:

from $250 to $550

$250 $89*
Management fees = 7% + gst

50 weeks @ $600 for year 1

52 weeks @ $615 for year 2

$46.20 x 50

= $2,310

$47.35 x 52

= $2,462.20

Letting fee = 1 week’s rent $600
Tenancy agreement preparation fee:   from $30 to $40 $30
Tenancy agreement renewal fee:

½ week’s rent @ $615/wk

Statement and Administration fees:

from $5 to $10 per month

$5 x 12

= $60

$5 x 12

= $60

Marketing package – subsequent letting when tenant leaves:

from $250 to $550

End of year financial report fee:

from $15 to $25

$15 $15
Tenant reference check:

from $30

1 year total $3,295 $2,844.70 $188 $99
2 year total $6,139.70 $287

*RentingSmart has a comprehensive $89 advertising deal with For Sale By Owner.

$287  is a mere 4.7% of $6,139

Self-Managing Your Own Property Can Work For You

It’s done by hundreds of thousands of investors, all around the world. You can do it too.

Many Professional Property Managers Are Too Busy to Manage Your Property As Closely As You Can

You’re far more likely to have a better relationship with your tenant.

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When you self-manage, you have all information at your fingertips.

Win a Tenant Faster In a Tight Rental Market

You can afford to lower your rental by a small margin to secure a tenant.

Many Investors find that they can get better value from their Tradespeople than a Property Manager

Scrutinise quotes and deal directly with your own preferred trades.

Better Cash Flow – You’re Paid the Rent Money Immediately, not when an Agent Decides

Your tenant pays you the rent money directly.