Landlord tips and tricks

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5 Tips to Finding Trustworthy Tenants. 

Landlords, fear no more. Finding great and *trustworthy* tenants is NOT as difficult as others (read: real estate agents) make it out to be. Continue here

Tax Tips for Private Landlords

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is cracking down on more than 110,000 rental property owners making incorrect claims. There are some golden rules regarding tax and tax deductions. Continue here

How to raise rents without vacancies

You’ve read the papers and property magazines; you’ve heard that rents are increasing at astronomical rates and you’re left wondering…

“Am I the only person not increasing my rent?” 

… the answer is no. Continue here

4 Super Hero Tips to Keeping Quality Tenants

There are a few tips to keeping tenants that we like to call the “SUPER HERO” tips…. Continue here

11 Questions to Ask Potential Tenants (Before Signing a Lease)

Note that if a tenant is asking you to open a property for a private inspection, we suggest you ask as many of these questions over the phone before doing so to avoid wasting your time if they’re clearly not suitable. Continue here

Property managers: bridges or barriers?

The Sydney Morning Herald – November 24, 2012

In the past this column has been accused of being too hard on landlords and, to be fair, when things go wrong in rental units it’s often the man or woman in the middle who’s at fault. Continue here

Your Little Black Book of Tradesmen

What’s Your Property Maintenance Strategy? To maintain your property, you have three options: Continue here

Landlords warned to keep careful records when claiming rental properties as business

A recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision has reminded rental property owners to be particularly careful with record keeping if they claim to be conducting a business of letting rental properties. Continue here

Be Prepared – It’s Bushfire Season!

Landlords with rental properties in bushfire prone areas need to ensure that your tenants are aware of the environment in which they live. Continue here

How to replace a bathroom faucet

However the seemingly benign nature of a dripping faucet causes a lot of people to neglect to fix the problem, when in reality it can increase bills, not to mention waste hundreds of litres of water. Continue here

Have you installed Smoke Alarms that will SAVE your Family?

Did you know there are two types of smoke alarms on the market? –  Ionisation and Photoelectric smoke alarms Continue here

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