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4 Super Hero Tips to Keeping Quality Tenants

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4 Super Hero Tips to Keeping Quality Tenants

There are a few tips to keeping tenants that we like to call the “SUPER HERO” tips…

Quick, clean and reliable maintenance

Tenants want their home to be in working order. If a tenant complains that there is a leaky tap and you can get it fixed ASAP, your tenants will love you.

Tenant Privacy

The tenancy act states that you must respect your tenants’ privacy and goes to the point of instructing hours, days and notice periods to entering the property.

Be on your A-Game

At least once every 6 months please conduct a routine inspection – great tenants understand that you care about the value of your rental property. They understand that you conduct inspections. If your tenants don’t pay the rent on the due date, follow them up with a friendly yet firm message- people do in fact respect someone who is constantly on their A-game!

Happy Birthday Mr President

Send your tenants an email or card (or even a bottle of wine!) on their birthday. It won’t cost you too much but will create a lasting impression.

… Stand out from the crowd of hopeless landlords!

Become a great people person and reliable landlord. Tenants will appreciate quick turn-arounds, respect….. and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to then raise the rent a little higher without negotiation!