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Be Prepared In Bushfire Season!

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Be Prepared In Bushfire Season!

Landlords with rental properties in bushfire prone areas need to ensure that your tenants are aware of the environment in which they live.

Both Landlords and tenants can prepare for fire season by taking some simple steps in order to protect their family and the property (home).


Prepare a family emergency plan

•   Decide whether you will `go early’ or `stay and defend’

•   If going early, identify a safe place to evacuate to

•   If staying and defending, ensure you receive expert advice to make certain that you are ready

•   Decide how to look after your pets

•   Prepare an emergency evacuation kit*

•   Make sure things that burn are well away from the house

•   Remove, cut and mow bushes, grass and weeds around sheds, fences and gates

•   Clean gutters

•   Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house

•   If the property has a water system, pump or generators, check they are working, if not notify your landlord to repair

•   Buy a battery powered radio to listen to bushfire updates


Prepare a family emergency plan

•   Ensure your property displays a prominent house number

•   Make sure fire trucks can get to your property

•   Trim trees and remove overhanging branches from around the house (vegetation protection laws may apply, check with Council first)

•   Clean gutters and buy gutter plugs*

•   Install metal screens or shutters on all windows

•   Protect underfloor spaces with non-combustible sheeting or mesh.

•   Point LPG cylinder relief valves away from the house

•   If your property has a water system, pump or generators, check they are working

*What’s a gutter plug? A simple, cost effective way to plug up any outlet on your property’s guttering. This seals the gutter and allows you (or your tenant) to fill it with water. Any embers or leaves that fall into the gutter are extinguished by the contained water.

Local Council

Most Councils manage extensive areas of bushland. Fire is an important tool in managing ecosystems to maintain the diversity of native plants and animals. Fire plays a vital role in renewing these ecosystems.

Councils manage bushland areas to ensure that the risk to life and property is limited while maintaining the diversity of these areas through the use of fire.

Councils are responsible for the day to day work of maintaining firebreaks, fire trail construction and maintenance, hazard reduction burns and wildlife response.

Evacuation Kit should contain

•   Torch with spare batteries.

•   Portable radio with spare batteries.

•   First Aid Kit.

•   Candles and waterproof matches.

•   A list of emergency contact numbers.

•   Copies of Home Emergency Plans.

•   Emergency toolkit.

•   Rubber gloves.

•   Waterproof bag for valuables.

Need to evacuate your home? Remember to take…

  Any necessary medication.

•   Special requirements for babies, the disabled or elderly.

•   Food and water supplies.

•   Evacuation Box – Your necessary paperwork

We never know when a disaster such as bushfire can strike. Take the time today to educate your tenant to best safeguard them and their family.

Be proactive in assisting them to ensure your property is ready to stand its best chance at survival.