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Will RentingSmart provide me with Australian lease agreements?

Absolutely. We can provide lease agreements for NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA

Unfortunately we do not provide tenancy agreements for leases in TAS or NT. We can however link you to your local real estate institutes to easily obtain one.

What about any maintenance issues

Number one rule of maintenance issues – knowing about them while they’re small and (hopefully) less costly to fix.

At RentingSmart, we obvioulsy cannot physically go in and fix your repairs requests, but we do provide the platform for your tenants to notify you really easily of any issues. Number two rule of maintenance issues – great communication (if tenants know you’re onto it, they’ll be happy). Tenants can use our iPhone and Android app to notify landlords of issues, and track their requests. We also provide full, uneditable history logs to landlords.

Do I need to download any software

RentingSmart is web based and can be accessed from any Internet connected device in the world (just like online banking or Facebook). Therefore there is nothing for you to download. This also allows us to make updates and roll out new features while you sleep. And don’t worry, your information is securely encrypted and backed up every single day for optimal safety of your confidential information.

Rent collection

In the future, (as an option to landlords), tenants will be able to pay their rent via BPAY, credit card or direct deposit through our RentingSmart trust account. This will allow us to notify you of payments paid or in arrears. However, currently we do not do this. Right now it is up to the landlord to collect the rent. We’ll remind your tenants of upcoming dues, and we will remind you to check your bank account when due too.

Can I manage properties with more than 1 tenant per property?

Absolutely. Our properties allow for one active lease at a time. If you have two tenants on the same lease each saying individually, you can certainly do this. If tenants are on multiple leases with different pay days or dates you would need to treat them as individual properties. Maybe name them something like ’22a John Street’ and ‘22b John Street’

Can I manage more than one property

Yes, you can manage as many properties as you like. There is no limit. The software will allow you to view the dashboard per property, and in future we’ll allow you to view your entire portfilio together too. Sign up and create an account for one property, and as you get familiar with the system you can easily add more! See our pricing page to view our pricing tiers

If I leave RentingSmart, can I export and download my data?

Yes. At this stage it’ll look a little bit messy, but we can give you your data. In the near future we’re looking to build a beautiful download/export of ALL of your data for any time – not just if you’re leaving us.

Can you help me find a new tenant

Absolutely. We specialise in helping private landlords find tenants. Our team of real estate agents, landlords and customer service are on hand to help you find the best tenant you can. Have a look here for more information –

Is RentingSmart Australian based and owned?

Yes. RentingSmart Pty Limited was founded by Benjamin Levi, born in Sydney (and still living in Sydney). We have a growing team of licensed Australian real estate agents, experts, landlords and brilliant software developers. You can contact our founder Ben directly by emailing

You may be interested to know that Ben is also the co-founder of Code Camp – teaching Aussie school students how to code!

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Can tenant view documents I upload.

If you want them to, then yes. If it’s private – – it’s for your eyes only.

Share a document (signed lease agreement, inspection photos) and your tenants will receive an emailed copy.

Communication with my tenants

All communication can be within RentingSmart. Messaging, emailing, maintenance issues, or about the rent. The only time we suggest otherwise is in case of emergency. If there is an urgent matter to attend to,  pick up the phone and call your landlord/tenant (or emergency hotlines if need be).

Month to month or locked in contracts?

Every RentingSmart landlord software subscription comes with 14 days free trial. Once you’re a paying customer, you can (although we wouldn’t recommed) cancel your subscription any time … and have nothing more to pay. We have month to month subscriptions and annual packages. O the annual package you’ll recieve a large discount on each rental listing and at least 2 months free per annum!

Do we track rental income and expenses

Yes! We track and remind you of when your rental income is due, same goes with any expenses. If you upload your lease and poperty information from the start, the software will do the rest. We can also send invoices and receipts to your tenants making the entire process seemless and professional!

Is software easy to use

Our founder Ben had one goal – – to build landlord software which his 85 year old grandmother could use. She doesn’t manage any properties herself, but she has successfully used RentingSmart! So is it easy to use? We think so, but if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Are we a licensed Real Estate Agency?

RentingSmart Pty Limited and our founder Benjamin Levi are both licensed real estate agenies and real estate agents in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA. We’re now looking into ACT, TAS and NT.

Why are we a licensed real estate agent?

This allows us to collect the rent (future features), list your properties on … and, we had our license and real estate experience before we had this product built!

I have more questions

Contact Ben directly – or 1300 49 11 86 🙂

Next, let's get you organised so you can take control and manage your investment properties

RentingSmart is a simple-to-use online landlord platform keeping you in control, and your tenants accountable throughout the lease.

• Rent tracking

• Expense management and EOFY tax reports

• Communication and messaging

• Maintenance and repairs

• Financial dashboards, document sharing

• Leases, tenants and documentation

"RentingSmart gives me all the tools I need to manage my property myself without the need to involve an agent, and at a fraction of the price. I love how easy the platform is to use, from set up, to invoicing and managing expenses for tax reporting, it's all there! Plus, with real estate agent backgrounds themselves, the RentingSmart team are always on hand for any questions.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend RentingSmart to others
... It's independent property management made easy!"

Kristie Caddick, former CEO of
Find Tenants

List online and then we’ll give you right advice to choose the best tenants.

Manage your Properties

Receive great results when you treat self managing like a business and not a hobby.

Happy Accountants

Simple cash flow reports. Better organised. Happier (and cheaper) accountants.

Avoid Disasters

Be in control and have systems in place to know about issues right away. Late rents, leaking toilets. Know what’s happening.

Cancel Anytime

No locked in contracts. Cancel anytime. No more to pay.

100% Cloud Based

Access your RentingSmart from anywhere in the world. Updates while you sleep.

Top Security

Your data is of absolute most importance to us. Data is encrypted and backed up every single night.

Mac, PC, Mobile or Tablet

Use any device to access your landlord software. Tablet, computer, mobile. If you can connect to the internet, you can access RentingSmart.